Tarpon Town, Campeche

Fly Fishing Trip and Lodge Details:

On the West Coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, facing the Gulf of Mexico lays the "Biosphere Reservoir of Los Petenes”, just adjacent to the city of Campeche. Surrounded by more than 80 miles of mangrove shoreline, countless rivers, cuts, creeks, channels and inner lagoons make the ideal refuge and shelter for baby tarpon. Lots of them!

Rolling and gulping tarpon are easily located following their fins and tails on their way up or down the rivers. Depending on tide conditions, moon phases and weather, chase them along channels mouths, inner shallows in less than 3 feet of water, or in open bays where they hide in the turtle grass bottom or below hanging mangrove branches. It is a real challenge for fly fishermen to direct a great cast in the middle of a creek where there is barely room for a rod. While fishing in open bays, it is also a delightful spot for long casting. Skillful anglers still get amazed with this specie, which lives and rolls in very narrow channels and first time anglers get hooked forever.

Native guides pole a vast territory searching in every spot while the angler fishing miles and miles without seeing other boats. Opposite other fishing locations in the Yucatan or Ascension Bay, this is primarily a tarpon destination, being the most important nursery in Latin America. We are the pioneers in this area, serving the angling community for almost 3 years now, and formed by a native team of expert guides with the sharpest eyes in the region. A strict catch and release philosophy is practiced.

Besides all the fishing experience, bird watching is another wonderful experience where you will easily identify various birds such as pelicans, seagull, white and roseate ibis, spin bill ibis, white and gray herons, and many more.

The Fishing:

Even though rolling and gulping tarpon can be seen everywhere in these spots, you should not expect to catch a tarpon easily. In contrast, you should consider the fight and the explosive jumps as part of your experience and land 2 out of 10, on average. In other words, these "baby" tarpons have unusual strength, and will give you a chance to boat about 20% of your strikes. There are exceptions though. The guides are very conscious to get you right where the fish are and coach you to a great catch. That's the way tarpon fishing is: very different to all what you may have tried before; not frustrating, but CHALLENGING. On an average day you'll see perhaps hundreds of fins or silver bodies, fight 16 to 20 and land 2 to 8. Not to say that sometimes you'll be amazed, landing more tarpons in a day than any other angler in his or her lifetime. Fish size runs on an scale from 5 to 20 pounds, an average of 8 pounds or a little bit bigger, which means in terms of fish aging, fish that are less than 5 years old.

Once you have learned to "read the water" (what will take perhaps the first day), you will be spotting tarpon as quickly as the guides. Nothing compares to a hunt for tarpon!

Understand that fishing for tarpon is a unique experience. Every single day brings different results and you won't see the same spot in consecutive days. Some mornings could be slow and the next day an incredible fighting machine or vice verse. This is why we suggest a minimum trip of 3 days, an average 5-day trip or an intensive 7 days trip. We don’t think you will be disappointed.

We divide a calendar year in two parts in terms of weather conditions and not in fishing conditions. The first period is MARCH TO SEPTEMBER, assuring smooth rides, low winds, high tides, more sight fishing. On the other part of the year, longer boat rides are required (about 20 miles. 45 minutes to an hour) and days are a little bit windy. Campechanos are used to hear "hurricane season words" which begins early June and ending up late November. This does not mean there is a hurricane every weekend. In fact, our last hurricane warning was June 2005, but the last hit was Hurricane Isidore, 4 years ago.

In SEPTEMBER and NOVEMBER there are chances of storms or cold fronts that paralyze marine activities for 2 or 3 days and then reopens. This could happen once or twice in a month. Anglers deciding to fish these months should consider extra nights and “open” air tickets in case of bad weather.

A regular fishing day begins with a light continental or American breakfast before dawn at the hotel, usually by 6:00am, then pick up and a short ride to the boats to start your trip by 6:30am. Generally lunch is taken while riding or fishing by 11:00am, and consist of ham and grilled chicken sandwiches, tuna or shrimp salad, crackers, cookies, fruits, wraps and a cooler stuffed with ice, water and the refreshment of your choice which could be sodas, Gatorade, etc.. Charters usually end by 2:00 or 3:00pm.

Season information:

All year.


The fishing packages prices include ground transportation from Campeche airport arrival/departure (additional charge for other airport pickups) to and from boarding points and hotels. Accommodations in selected hotels in town, breakfast, lunch, guide service, boat rental, gasoline and fishing license. Rates are based per person, double occupancy, sharing boat and room. Other configurations can be set up at your request. Prices are "almost all inclusive".

Evening meals are not included. This allows you to taste by yourself the different restaurants in town featuring exquisite fresh seafood and traditional dishes. Tips and gratuities for guides and others are not included. Items of a personal nature (laundry, telephone calls, etc.) are also not included.

Fishing rates, per person, in US$ (valid to December 31, 2013):

  2 per boat/ 2 per boat/ 1 per boat/ 1 per boat/
Duration 2 per room 1 per room 2 per room 1 per room
2 days fishing/3 nights $1,300 By request By request By request
3 days fishing/4 nights $1,600 By request By request By request
4 days fishing/5 nights $2,050 By request By request By request
5 days fishing/6 nights $2,490 By request By request By request
6 days fishing/7 nights $2,990 By request By request By request




How to get there:

Air to Cancún (CUN), Merida (MID), Campeche (CPE), or Ciudad del Carmen (CME) and then taxi to Campeche. Cancún to Campeche is 5 1/2 hours, Merida to Campeche is 2 hours.

Owner and Host:

Raul Castañeda.

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